Lasani Sarkar Ka Gulam

Haji Sufi Masood Ahmed Siddiqui
(Lasani Sarkar)

It is Saints of Allah (God) Almighty by whose efforts Islam Flourished in the sub-continent of Pak-Hind. They proved the truth of Islam with their sayings and doings. For that myriads of people were attracted to Islam. These dear saints of Allah (God) have been continuing this act of preaching Islam. Of course the most High God has endowed them with His auspicious attributes as He makes them the agency for the people's recognizing Islam and His blessings of His spiritual light and guidance for His creatures and have relation with Allah (God) on hand and on the other they have relations with people so they are a channel for Allah's blessings on His creatures. Man's being is composed of spirit and flesh. For his physical growth and development. Allah (God) has provided him with eatables of various kinds. But for the spiritual edification and exaltation of man Allah (God) has appointed His near and dear saints who guide and enlighten people.

In this materialistic age man is prey to selfishness deprived of peace of mind and is suffering from many anxieties and apprehensions. He deems the provision of materialistic amenities and comforts the ideal of his life deserting the code of life given by Allah (God) and the principles advised by His prophet (P.B.U.H). Anyhow when the evils dominate and people become full of disasters and calamities in the circumstances Allah (God) the Most Beneficent the Most Merciful sends a dear and loved man of His for guidance and betterment of people.

In this catastrophic and tumultuous era, Allah (God) Almighty's close and lovable being Haji Sufi Masood Ahmed Siddiqui (May Allah bless us with his long life) is endowed by Allah (God) with qualities for the guidance of mankind and spiritual edification of people. He is well known under the name of "Lasani Sarkar" (the unequalled superior). He is a renowned and distinguished spiritual leader of the "Naqshband" succession. He was born in 1960 at Khanewal (Pakistan). He inherited a complete religious and spiritual environment.

people are entering into the circle of his devotees. At his Aastana (threshold) thousands of seekers of Allah (God) are getting on in stages spiritually exalted. Those who come to him with abundance of faith and devotion are by "Lasani Sarkar's first favouring glance bestowed s much as are not conferred on at an other place after a long time's attending there.

His spiritual munificence is so swift and extensive those not to speak of common people even the other saints are unable to understand its nature. He by casting a favourable glance edifies a seeker of Allah (God) up to high stages of spirituality. People are astonished by his swift and extensive spiritual munificence. The people who with the view that this kind of spirituality is impossible first opposed him and when they happened to have association with him and to observed his spiritual munificence and retired from life of deception and sin and took an oath of allegiance to him for the delight in true spirituality

Service to mankind is his distinguishing quality. His favourable grace is meant for all. He always abstains from sectarianism and controversy. It is why at his "Astana" (threshold) the congregations of remembrance of Allah (God) and sending blessings to His Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) provide edification. He lays stress on the religious scholars belonging to all sects to relinquish sectarianism and the like prejudices and let the creature of Allah (God) be on one religion wherein be no dissension as the most high Allah (God) has ordered in the Holy Quran: "Keep firmly to the path of Allah (God) and fall not into dissension. "

He led whole of his life resigning himself to Allah's good pleasure and he asks the truth seekers to visit him only for the good pleasure of Allah (God). He says that worldly problems should not embarrass us and points to the fact that Allah (God) takes on Himself solving the problems of one who cherishes the love and desire of Allah (Eminent is God's Glory) and His Prophet (P.B.U.H). That is why when anyone desirous of Allah and the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H0 comes to see him he feels pleased and gives special attention to him.

He instructs his devotees about the strict observance of "Shariat" (revealed law) besides "Tareeqat" (the path of mystucals) and advises women to put on veil.

When people take an oath of allegiance to him he advises them as first "Wazifa" (function) to breathe in and out name of Allah and secondly to send blessings to Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) one in a 24 Hours time while standing in home with face to "madina Munawwara".

His over-all teachings are:

  • Complete observance of prayers.
  • To earn livelihood by legitimate means.
  • Complete avoidance of telling lies.
  • Prevention from slandering others.
By Lasani Sarkar's grace youngmens rapidly turning to spirituality is a proof that in the age like this there are Allah's such beloved and close men as by their transfiguring favourable glance can enliven the dispirited hearts.

At his "Aastana Alia" (dignified threshold) every time remembrance of Allah (God) and sending blessing to the Holy prophet (P.B.U.H) are echoed.

Spiritual congregations for men after "Maghrab" (Sunset) on every Sunday and for women at 10.00 A.M. on the first Thursday of every month are held. These congregations are conductive to the faith refreshing, peace of mind and spiritual exaltation for the participants. Whoever attends these spiritual congregations once attains so much peace of mind and delight at heart that he feels attracted towards them again and again.

Lasani Sarkar is a simple disposition and good-natured fellow. Hospitality is his prominent habit. He talks and meets others with a smiling face. His generosity is well known observing his conduct and behaviour people are won over to him.

He solves the spiritual problems of people even eminent spiritual leaders and saints attend to him for disentanglement from their spiritual hindrances. Whatever predictions political or others he made came true word for word. People come here with many other problems to be solved. Thousands and thousands of people have convalesced here from various diseases and even the patients of diseases like heart attachs, sugar, tuberculosis, blood pressure, cancer etc. declared incurable by the doctors came and Lasani Sarkar graciously eradicated their diseases through spirituality.

Lasani Sarkar has been making an offer for those belonging to any sect or religion who do not admit "Faiz" (spiritual munificence) to come to him and within a month they will find conspicuous verification of "Faiz" by any holy being and they will be fully satisfied & will wbserve true path of Allah (God).

Whatever is presented as "offering" to him he gives it away to the poor and needy. At his "Aastana" (threshold) every time "Langar" (meat) is distributed.

He is nazim-e-ala Salat Committee All Pakistan. Sarbrah-e-Ala Tanzeen Faizan-e-Lasani Sarkar All Pakistan and founder of Lasani Welfare Trust. Under this trust poor, the widows and the needy are helped at the "Aastana Alia Lasania 39/4 Ghulam Rasool Nagar, Faisalabad. The establishment of a free dispensary and a library in which religious books are available are and addition to his services to mankind.